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The IAOM-US does not attempt to replace what you are already doing with a constrained list of protocol. Our Systematic Approach was designed to provide a complimentary framework within which everything you do now, and what you learn in the future, will fit.  We’re not just course providers – we help you define a path that impacts your success for the rest of your career, and then we help mentor you through that path. Come learn with us!

  • Q: What do I bring to an IAOM-US Course?
  • A: Here is a nice list!
  • Q: Who can take a Dry Needling Course?
  • A: Only licensed clinicians with dry needling in their scope of practice can take dry needling courses. Massage therapists, bodyworkers, neuromuscular therapists, physical therapy assistants, and occupational therapy assistants are not eligible to attend the DN courses and are encouraged to attend our other IAOM-US course offerings.
  • Q: I took a Level I Dry Needling Course somewhere else – but I want to take your course – can I?
  • A: Our courses offer a different approach to safely Dry Needling a patient. If you have taken a Level I course elsewhere, we can offer you a 50% discount on the following: Dry Needling Level I, Dry Needling for Hand and Upper Extremity Specialty, Dry Needling for Pelvic Specialty. All of these courses incorporate our approach to safely dry needling a patient. Call us at 866-426-6101 to set everything up.

Online Courses

Temporarily Unavailable - New Learning System Coming Online by June 1st 2018!

Live and Hybrid Seminars

Live and Hybrid Seminars

ODNS Dry Needling Seminars

We are changing to a new online course system. Please download all completed certificates before 25 May 2018. Click HELP below if you need something! We're here for you!GET MY CERTIFICATES!
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