Orthopedic Manual Therapy

IAOM-US OMT courses are offered in the Hybrid format. This format includes the equivalent of 1-Day On-line content followed by 2-Day live lecture that includes live lecture and lab, where techniques are demonstrated on live models.  Instructors are on hand to watch, critique and correct student’s performance of techniques.

IAOM-US courses address some of the challenges that top clinicians face: 

  • A need for advanced diagnostics:  We will broaden your knowledge of clinical diagnostic techniques.
  • A quest for evidence based practice:  We will deepen your understanding of the evidence supporting clinical diagnosis.
  • An interest in broadened skill set:  We will expand your range of diagnostic and therapeutic alternatives for patients.
  • A desire for networking: We will connect you with motivated colleagues who appreciate the value of evidence-based practice.

Our courses discuss: 

  • Patho-anatomy 
  • Clinical Examination  
  • Interpretation of the Functional Tests
  • Pathology
  • Mock Patient Examples
  • Surface Anatomy
  • Pain: Differential Diagnosis, Appropriate, Additional Testing, Treatment Proposals
  • Review and Case Studies
  • Specific Testing