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The following guides will assist you in your preparation for your certification exam. You only need to focus on the topics you need for your particular exam.

Dry Needling Level I

May 16, 2017 Joel Gaines

Dry Needling courses consist of an online course and a 2 day practical workshop.

Level I Online Course:

  • Pre-course reading with a quiz.
  • Online lectures by ODNS staff consisting of the following topics:
  • historical overview
  • the neurophysiology of superficial and deep dry needling
  • ethics, precautions and contraindications
  • dry needling for radicular pain
  • clinical reasoning with the role of agonists and antagonists.

The online course includes exam questions following each lecture.  This online portion must be completed within the month before the practical course, and will fulfill written examination requirements for dry needling courses.

Level I Practical Course:

The two-day intensive will prepare participants to treat most of the common diagnoses that involve myofascial pain.

The importance of safety and clean techniques are taught and practiced throughout the workshop, ensuring that participants become accustomed to working with gloves and maintaining a neat and safe work space throughout.  They will practice the techniques of inserting, manipulating, removing, and disposing of the needles on the first morning of the course.

Students will learn and practice the use of superficial dry needling including fascia and scars, periosteal pecking, and deep dry needling of the buttock, thigh and calf; shoulder, and cervical and lumbar muscles.

Case studies are included to apply clinical reasoning and recognize common indications for dry needling.

This practical course ends with a practical competency exam.

Who can attend:

Only licensed medical practitioners may attend.  This may include PT’s, OT’s, Athletic Trainers, Nurse practitioners, acupuncturists, PA’s, DC’s, DO’s and MD’s.  Before attending, please check with your state/country’s licensing board that dry needling is within your scope of practice.

What is included:

All the equipment that you will need for the course is included.  When you arrive, you will be issued with a complete needling kit, which will include all the needles that you will use for the course and more.  Gloves, sharps containers, and a station set up for needling will be ready for you. You will receive a detailed manual for the course, and full catering is included.

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April 27, 2017 Joel Gaines

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