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Your biggest challenge as a PT Student


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    Joel Gaines

    As a PT Student, you are facing unique challenges and probably often feel like you are drinking from the fire hose. What is the most difficult challenge to overcome so far?

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  • I appreciate the above analysis and support the use of the term “doctor” while differentiating what that specifically means. While I am cautious to avoid contradicting an orthopedic surgeon to a patient, I also resent the idea that physical therapists specifically should not refer to themselves as doctor. This was the opinion of one ortho surgeon with whom I shared a patient in the past year. His initial statement was that only a “doctor” (MD or DO) should refer to themselves as doctor when dealing with healthcare, but it turns out he did not agree with his own statement once challenged on the subject. He did not want the physical therapists to call themselves doctors, to avoid “confusing the patient.” When asked, however, he seemed to have no problem with an optometrist, podiatrist, psychologist, or any number of other providers referring to themselves as doctor. I believe the problem arises from the fact that Physical Therapy as a profession is in a transition, and we must understand that some time must be given to allow for acceptance of this transition.

  • One of the take home messages for me is ‘never give up!’, treat what you know, and don’t let the imaging keep you from being confident in well rounded conservative care.