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When the IAOM came to the United States in 1989, the over-arching dream was to contribute to improving global health.

We’re still invested in that mission.

By creating Complete Clinicians in the US and other parts of the world, we continue to chase the dream of reducing the world’s net misery – one patient at a time. 

We are also dedicated to support the efforts of others who have a similar mission, like STAND: The Haiti Project.

If you already know who they are, you can support them right here. 100% of your donation goes to STAND. 

STAND: The Haiti Project 

Sustainable  Therapy  And  New  Development


To establish permanent access to orthopedic rehabilitative services in the country of Haiti through direct patient care and clinical training of its citizens.


A Haiti with sustainably managed education and treatment centers that specialize in orthopedic rehabilitation. These facilities will be operated by STAND trained Haitian clinicians and serve the country’s citizens by providing accessible & consistent rehabilitative care.

STAND Donation
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If you have any questions about STAND: The Haiti Project or IAOM-US Giving, or if you have ideas about how we might give back in other ways, reach out to us!

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