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The IAOM-US Faculty are clinicians and researchers who are thought leaders in the profession. Get inside their thought processes on important topics to becoming a Complete Clinician!

About Kasey

Kasey graduated from McPherson College with a Bachelor’s in Biology. He received his doctorate of physical therapy from Kansas University Medical Center in 2016. He completed IAOM-US certification for the spine in 2017, and is currently a fellow candidate in the IAOM-US Fellowship program. Kasey works as a therapist at Modern Physical Therapy in Kansas City, MO.


Kasey Miller DPT, COMT
IAOM-US Faculty



Talk to me about – Differentiation of Lumbar Disc Pathologies

There are 5 different types of disc pathologies that are seen in the clinic.

Learn how to differentiate these quickly and how you treat each one differently, which category should get an immediate injection, and even when they are more likely to require surgery.


Kasey Miller DPT, COMT
IAOM-US Faculty



Talk to me about – Differentiation of Cervical Disc Pathologies

Disc pathologies within the cervical spine have a variety of ways they can present in the clinic which can cause some confusion for the clinician.

However, spend 30 minutes with a mentor to obtain a better understanding of how each disc pathology presents and how to navigate through each case. You will also learn how to treat each pathology and when they may benefit from an injection and/or surgical consult.


Kasey Miller DPT, COMT
IAOM-US Faculty



Talk to me about – Differentiation of Upper Cervical Spine Pathologies

The upper cervical spine (C0-1, C1-2) is an area of the neck that is commonly overlooked.

These segments are vital to having full neck mobility and also play a major role in cervical pain along with headaches. Spend 30 minutes with a mentor to learn ways of recognizing upper cervical spine involvement and how they present in the clinic.

About Jean-Michel

Jean-Michel graduated in 1985 from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. In 2000 Jean-Michel completed his IAOM certification. He received a MS in Sports Medicine – Exercise Physiology from Texas Tech University (TTUHSC). In 2003, Dr. Brismée received his ScD in Physical Therapy from TTUHSC. He is an Associate Professor of the Doctorate of Science (ScD) Program in Physical Therapy at TTUHSC. He is the director of the IAOM-US Fellowship Program.


Jean-Michel Brismee’ PT ScD OCS FAAOMPT
IAOM-US Senior Faculty
IAOM-US Fellowship Director



Talk to me about – Innovative ways to hydrate the intervertebral disc and preserve disc health

As people age, people shrink, mainly due to decreased intervertebral spaces.  Such spinal shrinkage can lead to spinal and/or foraminal stenosis, which in turn can lead to pain and difficulties standing and walking.

I can provide you with simple strategies to help people maintain disc health through exercises and positions and lifetime changes.


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