Advanced Manual Techniques in Thoracic Spine Searcy AR Oct 2021

Musculoskeletal Courses

Course Description

~8 Contact Hours

This hands-on course provides a unique experience to learn & practice advanced manual techniques, specifically created to effectively assess and treat movement dysfunctions and musculoskeletal pain generators. This course can be also taken in support of the Thoracic Spine NEXT course to meet certification requirements.

Instructors will emphasize on mastering manual approaches. All associated theory and interpretation of findings are included in the online, hybrid and NEXT courses so participants can dedicate this 8-hr course to practice hands-on skills. Nevertheless, instructors will reinforce these concepts as they perform the specific techniques.

Objectives and Goals

  • By the end of the course the participant will be able to
    identify, through a systematic process, 5 different key landmarks around the thoracic complex aimed to assist in the clinical examination and joint specific treatment clinical approaches.
  • decide which specific clinical tests are the most informative for diagnosis from the general clinical examination of the thoracic segments for a patient with acute, recurrent or chronic thoracic and rib pain.
  • design 3 effective treatment interventions for each one of the following:
    • acute pain such as those related to thoracic spine and ribs.
    • recurrent discogenic pain.
    • localized myofascial restrictions and pain syndrome of the thoracic and rib region


Searcy PT
801, West Beebe Capps Expressway, Searcy, Arkansas, 72143, United States


Check In

October 16, 2021 7:30 am

Instruction Hours

October 16, 2021
8:00 am – 5:45 pm


I understand it is my responsibility to confirm the IAOM-US has CCUs approved for this course in my state and/or inform IAOM-US what is required to obtain CCU approval.