Introduction to Sensorimotor Control and Rehabilitation – Lower Quarter

Beyond Manual Therapy Courses

Course Description

4.5 hours of content – This IAOM-US course is appropriate for ATs, OTs, PT’s and PTA’s. The IAOM-US teaches that the essential starting point for orthopedic care is accurate clinical diagnosis. IAOM courses and resources present effective manual orthopedic techniques established by leaders in the field. Scientific and clinical research provides the foundation for the entire program.

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Arkansas, Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Mass, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Washington, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Wyoming, Nevada, New Jersey

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Objectives and Goals

1 Introduction and Foundations
2 Evidence for Neuromotor Activation Part I
3 Evidence for Neuromotor Activation Part 2
4 Neuromotor Functional Anatomy
5 Somatosensory Control Part 1
6 Somatosensory Control Part 2
7 SenMoCOR Lower Quarter Functional Exam 1
8 SenMoCOR Lower Quarter Functional Exam 2


Phillip S. Sizer Jr.

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