Introduction to Trigger Point Dry Needling

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Learn a systematic approach to dry needling and gain an understanding of efficacy, history, and safety.

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Arkansas, Alabama, Connecticut, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Mass, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Washington, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Wyoming, Nevada, New Jersey

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Objectives and Goals

1 History of Trigger Point Theories
2 Neurophysiology of Nocigenic Pain – Superficial Needling
3 Neurophysiology and the MTrP
4 Ethics of Dry Needling
5 Deep Dry Needling of the Lumbar Spine
6 Clinical Reasoning in Dry Needling
7 Obtaining Consent
8 Required Reading: Description of Dry Needling in Clinical Practice
9 Required Reading: Gerwin on Myofascial Pain Syndromes
10 Required Reading: Trigger Point Dry Needling (Dommerholt et. al. 1)
11 Required Reading: Myofascial Trigger Points (Dommerholt et. al. 2)
12 Required Reading: Integrating Dry Needling (Shah et. al.)


Jacqueline Doidge

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