Systematic Evaluation and Treatment of the Elbow Bethlehem PA May 2023

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Course Description

15.25 Contact Hours/1.525 CCU

This course directly relates to occupational and physical therapy practice, as it provides participants with foundational knowledge in the anatomy and pathoanatomy of the elbow to understand various clinical presentations that relate to the elbow. A portion of the course is focused on performing joint mobilization to address stiffness at the elbow, which is a common occurrence following trauma. With addressing pain issues about the elbow, this course covers how to differentiate the pain-generator with lateral elbow pain and provides efficient methods to treat issues with musculotendinous unit, joint, and nerve. Lateral elbow pain is a very common diagnosis seen in occupational and physical therapy clinics. It also addresses differential diagnosis and treatment with medial and anterior elbow pain. The course will promote improved expertise in treatment of the elbow, leading to optimal patient outcomes

Target Audience:  PT, OT, PTA, OTA, CHT, OTR, DPT.

Educational Level: Intermediate

Course Agenda

Instructional Method

Our live courses are made up of lectures that are taught through audiovisual systems (Power Point / Keynote), and all course information is sent to participants before the starting day of the actual course for further review and discussion. The hands-on section is carried out through demonstration of techniques performed by the instructors, and then replicated by the participants under instructors’ supervision, guidance, and feedback. The hands-on section is evaluated by the instructors using an observable skills rubric.

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Alabama, Oregon, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Mass, Missouri, Nebraska, Washington, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, Vermont, Wyoming, South Dakota

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  • Non-financial: The instructor(s) have no relevant non-financial relationships to disclose.
  • We will not offer partial credit. Online courses: Passing an online exam and completing a course evaluation will be required to earn continuing education credit. Live courses: Participants must attend all the activities. Attendees must sign an attendance sheet for the course, placing their name, license number and state, and signature for both morning and afternoon attendance..
  • Continuing Education Accreditations & Approvals Requested and/or Received by Organization: PDF File

Objectives and Goals

Through a combination of lecture and lab, participants will:
  • Perform a systematic clinical examination at the elbow to determine the pain-generator
  • Demonstrate how to provide joint mobilization techniques for limitations at the humeroulnar, humeroradial and proximal radio-ulnar joint
  • Describe key concepts regarding rehabilitation for elbow instability
  • Demonstrate manual techniques to address soft tissue disorders about the medial, anterior, and lateral elbow
  • Perform provocative tests to identify nerve compressions at the elbow and forearm and treatment to address the following syndromes: cubital tunnel, pronator syndrome, radial tunnel, and Wartenberg’s syndrome.


St. Luke's North
153, Brodhead Road, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 18017, United States


Mirka Normand

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May 6, 2023 7:30 am

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May 6, 2023
8:00 am – 6:30 pm

May 7, 2023
8:00 am – 3:00 pm


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