Systematic Evaluation and Treatment of the Wrist II Vail CO Jun 2022

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Course Description

15.25 Contact Hours/1.525 CCU

Vaccination is required for this course.

You must already have taken Wrist 1 before this course date.

This course advances therapists through a systematic approach and progression to evaluating and treating joint and soft tissue disorders of the wrist and forearm. This course will help you develop to further explore of the carpal kinetics and kinematics to enhance understanding of carpal instability. Also, the participants will develop an understanding of the classification criteria of instability and how they complement each other to form a more complete picture.

Target Audience: PTs, PTA, OTs, ATs
Educational Level: Advanced

Course Agenda

Instructional Method

Our live courses are made up of lectures that are taught through audiovisual systems (Power Point / Keynote), and all course information is sent to participants before the starting day of the actual course for further review and discussion. The hands-on section is carried out through demonstration of techniques performed by the instructors, and then replicated by the participants under instructors’ supervision, guidance, and feedback. The hands-on section is evaluated by the instructors using an observable skills rubric.

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Objectives and Goals

Through a combination of lecture and lab, participants will....
  • Formulate how carpal kinetics and kinematics can contribute to carpal instability.
  • Through the use of surface anatomy, identify key bony and soft tissue structures at the wrist needed for testing and treatment of wrist instability.
  • Explain the classification criteria of instability and Formulate how they complement each other to form a more complete picture.
  • Perform specific manual therapy testing techniques to identify and treat limitations at the radiocarpal, midcarpal, and specific carpal joints.
  • Categorize the different surgical techniques to address dissociative and non-dissociative carpal instabilities.
  • Select and Combine the appropriate therapeutic management and precautions of non-surgical and post-surgical instability diagnoses.
  • Perform specific testing and treatment techniques to identify and address nerve compressions at the wrist.


Vail Valley Medical Center/Howard Head Sports Medicine
181, West Meadow Drive, Vail, Colorado, 81657, United States


Ann Porretto-Loehrke

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June 4, 2022 7:30 am

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June 4, 2022
8:00 am – 6:30 pm

June 5, 2022
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