If you manage difficult patients, you cannot miss this interactive learning opportunity. In this evidence based, one day course, you will learn the science behind the patient-provider alliance, how to use communication tools to establish these alliances, and how you can contribute to the success of your business with the knowledge to improve outcomes, patient satisfaction and loyalty.

This program includes a new set of practical communication skills, tools, and knowledge to integrate into your work including:

  • Learn specific language patterns to decrease resistance and resolve barriers to change
  • Gain exact knowledge for utilizing patients’ beliefs to enhance motivation and improve outcomes
  • Decrease non-compliance with challenging patients by employing communication skills that address the six levels of change
  • Create motivation by re-framing injury or illness as an opportunity for positive change
  • Learn practical tools to avoid compassion fatigue and effectively utilize empathy to enhance outcomes
  • Understand motivation styles and communication strategies to successfully intervene
  • Encourage active patient participation by presenting treatment plans complementary to patients’ beliefs
  • Protocols for increasing adherence
  • Improve ability to maintain resourceful states in yourself and others, thus improving effectiveness and morale and decreasing burnout

Course Outline     Course Objectives

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