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UE Track for Hand Therapists

The IAOM-US is extremely proud to have two of the best hand therapists in the country on our faculty!

Ann Porretto-Loehrke, DPT, CHT, COMT, and Mirka Normand, MA, OTR, CHT, COMT have created the Hand and Upper Extremity Track, a series of 6 continuing education courses specifically tailored to meet the needs of today’s practicing hand therapist. Their goal is to promote the use of specific problem-solving skills and manual therapy techniques to further advance the hand therapy profession. Ann and Mirka have developed this specialized coursework for occupational and physical therapists specializing in the upper quadrant intervention.

This track offers a systematic problem-solving approach to identify underlying issues for precise treatment of the condition, resulting in a faster and more complete resolution of the problem. Treatment and rehabilitation programs encourage therapists to incorporate the most up-to-date manual therapy techniques that compliment traditional hand therapy methods.

We also offer certification for this track for those colleagues who want to pursue their COMT of the Hand and Upper Extremity Track.


Ann and Mirka’s courses are in great demand, and hand therapists from all over the country are raving about the course content.

Here’s what some recent attendees had to say:

“Appreciate the dedication to have developed a program where CHTs can become COMTs. There aren’t many certification programs that OTs/CHTs can add to their repertoire, especially manual based. Thank you.”

“Ann is unbelievable! Her command of the knowledge is extraordinary. I don’t think she realizes how amazing she is. Such a breadth of knowledge. I’m so jealous!!”

“Ann is at the top of our field, a great teacher and clinician. She is a great role model for younger therapists.”

“Mirka, you are the greatest – I am so impressed with your passion, your knowledge, the interest you take in teaching and in your patients – and your great sense of humor that makes the learning fun – and effective.”

“Mirka – you are an awesome instructor! Appreciate your in-depth knowledge of anatomy / kinesiology / arthrokinematics and applying it in a practical way for evaluating and treating our patients. Thank you for your patient manner in repeating, reviewing techniques and info as needed to absorb the detailed info in this class.”

“Mirka & Ann are the Bomb!! 18 years of practice, by far the best instructors I have ever had!”

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