• "The Slide"

    We call it "The Slide" and it represents years of careful thinking and deliberation with our faculty. The Slide illustrates the IAOM-US systematic approach to caring for the patient. It illustrates how we guide you in a systematic way of thinking about HOW you approach your client. "It is the foundation for everything we do" ~Dr. Phil Sizer

  • We've Got Surface Anatomy!

    Full-color, live model videos of the human Surface Anatomy is now right at your fingertips! IAOM-US Faculty guide you through palpation and marking in a quick, easy to watch format.

    We've Got Surface Anatomy!
  • Offering Dry Needling Courses!

    The Level 1 workshop will prepare you to treat most of the common diagnoses that involve myofascial pain. A historical overview is followed by the neurophysiology of superficial and deep dry needling. Subsequent theory lectures will address clinical reasoning with the role of agonists and antagonists, and with radicular pain.

    Offering Dry Needling Courses!
  • Excellence in Educating Colleagues!

    Our mission with this publication is to present literature in a clinically relevant manner, which supports the teachings of the IAOM-US. The IAOM-US Connection is a review of current, relevant literature, with specific clinical applications to practice.

    Excellence in Educating Colleagues!
  • The Missing Piece

    Getting successful clinical results is a bit like solving a puzzle. There are a lot of pieces and at times, it's complicated. Let us help you assemble the puzzle with a fresh way of viewing problems and finding solutions. We have the missing piece!

    The Missing Piece
  • Flexible Learning

    Enjoy the flexibility of a hybrid learning experience! Get access to foundational learning elements and study them at your pace. This will save you time and money and draw you deeper into the rich content that helps you gain confidence and get results.

    Flexible Learning

Finally, after taking the IAOM-US courses, I understand where my treatment techniques fit. Now, I can diagnose and teach my patients about their problem with complete confidence.

John Nelson - Promotion Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Diagnose and treat the structure

Experience the difference with an approach to manual therapy that goes beyond the techniques to a systematic way of thinking. Use your hands like precise instruments to improve segmental function.


Diagnose and treat the dysfunction

Learn to diagnose which exercises your patients need to succeed with a systematic approach to sensory motor control. It’s the functional diagnosis that will allow you to complete the picture.

Hand & Upper Extremity Track

Designed specifically BY hand therapists FOR hand therapists

Learn how to integrate manual therapy with the skills delivered by the CHT. These courses will deepen your understanding of the upper extremity patient and broaden your skills to maximize results.

Relationship-Based Healthcare

Optimize clinical results with relationship skills

Learn how to communicate with patients in a way that improves compliance, decreases cx/ns rates and maximizes your entire practice.

IAOM-US Surface Anatomy App