Don’t be average

The IAOM-US leads the way!

We offer premier mentoring for musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment. 

Our Model creates Complete Clinicians!

Become an expert in a systematic musculoskeletal therapy approach!

Complete Clinician Courses

Better outcomes with orthopedic manual therapy and advanced musculoskeletal management, certification, and clinical confidence.

Orthopaedic Residency

Become an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and achieve new levels of success. Be a leader among your peers. Get your OCS!


APTA accredited program in Clinical Diagnostics and Musculoskeletal Management. Research is key to elevating the profession!

All I need are some new techniques!

Do you know anyone who has ever said this seriously?

We Say:

“You can be the most technically proficient clinician in your city, and still have less than desireable outcomes because you are not a Complete Clinician.”

A systematic musculoskeletal approach to quickly and efficiently change your day-to-day outcomes, relationship with your patients, and your clinical success – that is what it is to be a Complete Clinician!

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