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Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Experience the difference with an approach to manual therapy that goes beyond the techniques to a systematic way of thinking. Use your hands like precise instruments to improve segmental function.

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Learn to diagnose which exercises your patients need to succeed with a systematic approach to sensory motor control. It’s the functional diagnosis that will allow you to complete the picture.

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Strategic Communications

Unlock the power of your patients – Learn how to communicate with patients in a way that improves compliance, decreases cx/ns rates and maximizes your entire practice.

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ODNS Dry Needling

Dry Needling has become a valuable tool in the OMT toolbox.   It is a powerful way to address the myofascial pain generator and inspire changes in motor control.

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Mobile Apps

The IAOM-US continues to find new ways to provide information that elevates the profession and gives clinicians an edge over their peers. We invite you to take a look at our latest mobile offering.

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Hand and Upper Extremity Specialization

Integrate manual therapy with skills delivered by the CHT. Deepen your understanding of the upper extremity patient and broaden your skills to maximize results.

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  • Excellent instructor. So impressed with her knowledge base and always patient when answering questions and teaching manual techniques. Would always recommend her as an instructor.
  • Great instructor. He was very invested in the course, and took time to work with participants individually.
  • Dr. Sizer is great - he has a fantastic way of explaining some of the most complex ideas in a way that everyone can understand.
  • Excellent educator awesome manual therapy hands very patient and informative master clinician!!!
  • Finally, after taking the IAOM-US courses, I understand where my treatment techniques fit. Now, I can diagnose and teach my patients about their problem with complete confidence.
  • Hated to miss a beautiful fall day but thanks 4 great course @IAOMUS! ???????? @OrthoCarolina thanks 4 sponsoring! ???????? #NeverStopLearning ☝????️
  • Robert is very knowledgeable and excellent with lab and lab questions
  • These are some of the best CE classes with the most literature-based ideas. I always feel like I have new techniques that I can use on Monday.
  • Excellent quantity of lab practice with application and guidance from instructors really enhanced ability to perform techniques correctly
  • Another superb course instructed by another superb instructor. Thank you!
  • Best course I’ve taken in years. Great structure to course and great instruction.
  • Mirka has amazing energy. Her passion is unending. Her style is engaging and wonderful.
  • Ann is at the top of our field, a great teacher and clinician. She is a great role model for younger therapists.
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