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Treatment - Hands-on Management Strategies
Treatment Neuromotor and Sensorimotor management – SenMoCOR
Dry Needling in the Hip
Evidence Plus in Conservative Management
Biopsychosocial aspects of patient-clinician relationship
Pelvic Deltoid – functional implications
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Pain of longer than one year generally, if not always, means we have more than one problem: pain, stiffness, weakness
In the hip joint, there is a close correlation between subchondral interosseous pressure, perfusion pressure, and load
Which of the following muscular trigger points does not refer pain into the posterolateral region of the hip?
Which of the following conditions increases the risk of avascular necrosis of the hip?
Based on Smith et al (2011), there is a diagnostic accuracy of MRA superior to MRI in detecting acetabular labral tears
Which of the following age range is Legg Calve Perthes more frequently seen?
Which of the following signs is indicative of hip joint effusion (in X-Rays)?
Microinstability of the hip joint is defined as the inability to keep the femoral head centered within the acetabular fossa, without complete joint luxation or marked subluxation
In most cases, the sciatic nerve exits the abdominal cavity under the which 1/3 of the piriformis muscle?
Unstable loose bodies have a fixed position because of the attachment to synovial membrane
In coxarthrosis patients, there will be limitations of motions in a capsular pattern
When is a rotation manipulation under traction indicated in the hip joint?
As a sensorimotor foundation, "Proximal stability is required for distal function"
Based on the LQFE Scoring, what grade represents that the subject is able to perform the task with substitutions?
Which of the following progressions comes right after applying corrective strategies?
Which of the following muscle performances is NOT affected by myofascial trigger points?
Based on Salom-Moreno et al, the most common areas for MTrP's of Guteus Medius in patients with low back pain where the superior and anterior
Which of the following muscles is best dry needled in the Supine Faber position?
The "radiographic" definition of Osteoarthritis shows less heterogeneity than the "symptomatic" one
There are 5 times higher risk of developing hip OA for people who had sustained any previous musculoskeletal injury
Based on Wright AA et al, which of the following is the strongest single predictor of success with physical therapy after diagnosing hip OA?
A PT program based on functional movement patterns demonstrated a significantly larger reduction in hip adduction and pelvic drop during single leg squat compared with Standard.
A therapeutic alliance should include agreement of goal and tasks to achieve them
The use metaphors and analogies during the therapeutic intervention/education can create miscommunication and disturb the patient-clinician relationship
Which of the following muscles does NOT belong to the peritrochanteric space (hip)?
Which of the following muscles is considered the "subscapularis" of the hip?
Gluteus medius and minimus tendons are prone to trigger points, tendon degeneration, or tendon failure
At how many degrees of hip flexion does the quadratus femoris show its maximum peak strength?
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