Clinical Reasoning for Spinal Pain Management

This 19 CEUs course is appropriate for ATs, OTs, PT’s and PTA’s.  The IAOM-US teaches that the essential starting point for orthopedic care is accurate clinical diagnosis.  IAOM courses and resources present effective manual orthopedic techniques established by leaders in the field.  Scientific and clinical research provides the foundation for the entire program.

Course Goal

Integrating all the IAOM spine courses for a comprehensive clinical application of acute, recurrent, and chronic pain + interventional pain management options

  • Recognize patient profiles for the most common pain generators of the
    cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.
  • Identify complex patient profiles for those with multiple pain generators.
  • Understand interventional pain management procedures, and which
    pathology they are most effective in treating.
  • Learn clinical reasoning for when to apply specific techniques
    for each pain generator identified with the pain profiles.
  • Learn a comprehensive approach to assessing and managing systems
    of dysfunctions.
  • Learn clinical tools for educating patients on pathology, pain neuroscience,
    and self-care.
  • Course includes Dropbox link with 60+ files to download & use in your

“Patients underestimate the importance of choosing their physical therapist.  There is a difference.  I know when I refer to Modern Physical Therapy; my patients receive customized treatment plans and continuity of care. What separates them from other physical therapy groups? It is their ability to assist with differential diagnoses. The therapists have multiple “hands on” sessions with the patients that can often identify specific pain generators that I may not be able to detect with infrequent clinical evaluations. I have entrusted my patients to them for over 15 years.  I believe their multimodality approach significantly improves our clinical outcomes, for even the most complex cases!”

Susan R. Anderson, MD


“This course was extremely valuable in delineating out the key characteristics and profiles for the acute, recurrent and chronic spine pain patient, and offered specific interventions addressing all facets of care necessary for a successful outcome in each.  In 19 years of practice this was one of the best coursed I have ever attended.”

Mark Coalson, MSPT, OCS


“This was an exceptional course presented by instructors who are not only very knowledgeable buy are passionate about this topic.  I gained an improved understanding regarding pain profiles, pain generators and techniques to allow for education and treatment of different spinal diagnoses.  The handouts are of the highest quality and easy to understand.  I have been able to use the educational tools to educate patient clients as well as referral sources (Dr.’s, PA’s, ARNP’s, case managers, adjusters and employers).  I highly recommend this course.”

Andy Ward PT, COMT

“This course was terrific.  I found this to be a great education on how to manage some of our more challenging patients.   I have taken many the elements of this to our clinics not only on the clinical side but how we teach out therapist to talk about pain and some tips on how we set up things in our clinics. The chronic pain patient can be a challenging one but once you help these patients they will be your best advocates.   This was a fun and rewarding class and there are tips that I use daily to make our practice better.”

Kurt Hutchenson, PT & Christina Keifer, PT

“My practice has been a success in great part due to the collaboration with IAOM-US certified physical therapists. We create teamwork around a patient by aligning on the clinical diagnosis and confirming with imaging. While I am able to perform the most appropriate interventional pain procedure, they restore myofascial and joint integrity with manual therapy and then help patients get moving again. The combination of treatment yields consistent results; it’s been a 20+ year success story for us and our patients.”

Larry Stinson, MD – Pain Management Physician

“When I retired from being a pain management physician, the only references I took with me were the IAOM Diagnosis and Treatment books. I use the information to this day to help family and friends understand their problems and treat them effectively.”

Grant Roderer, MD – Pain Management Physician

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