Diagnosis and Management of the Hip and Pubic Symphysis

This IAOM-US course is appropriate for ATs, PT’s and PTA’s.  The IAOM-US teaches that the essential starting point for orthopedic care is accurate clinical diagnosis.  IAOM courses and resources present effective manual orthopedic techniques established by leaders in the field.  Scientific and clinical research provides the foundation for the entire program.



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Pathoanatomy Part I
Pathoanatomy Part II
Basic Clinical Examination History
Basic Clinical Examination
Pathology and Interpretation
Differential Diagnosis of Groin Pain and Management Suggestions Part I
Differential Diagnosis of Groin Pain and Management Suggestions Part II
Differential Diagnosis of Buttock Pain and Management Suggestions
Differential Diagnosis of Lateral Hip Pain and Management Suggestions
Joint Specific Mobilization Techniques
Course Survey
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