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The IAOM-US takes great pride in its leadership position in the continuing education industry. Our faculty members are highly educated and passionate about the mission and philosophy of the IAOM. The first step to complete in pursuit of a faculty position of the IAOM-US is to become a licensed physical therapist. The next step is to become certified through the IAOM-US for the Spine and/or Extremities, depending on which domain you wish to teach.

After certification is completed for at least six Spine and/or Extremities courses, the applicant will e-mail the following to the IAOM-US office at info@iaom-us.com for review by the IAOM-US Education Committee:

  1. Application Letter of Intent
  2. Current IAOM-US membership
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. 2 letters of support (from a professional colleague and an employer, either present or former)
  5. Copy of current physical therapy license in the state of residence
  6. Copies of any post-professional certifications, fellowships or other credentials

Once your application is reviewed, within four weeks, the Committee will make a decision about your acceptance. If accepted, you will then be notified by e-mail and guided through the next steps of preparation to accept that role.

We are always looking for new, enthusiastic, passionate colleagues to help us spread the IAOM-US message of excellence in manual therapy.

Take a course with us and start your IAOM-US journey!

We are changing to a new online course system. Please download all completed certificates before 25 May 2018. Click HELP below if you need something! We're here for you!GET MY CERTIFICATES!
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