Jacqueline Doidge


Jackie has been a physical therapist with Carondelet for 24 years and recently joined El Rio Health in Tucson as a staff physical therapist in January 2020. She has been a physical therapist for 43 years. She is a graduate from the University of Manitoba in Canada, she has specialized in treating people with musculoskeletal problems, has attended many seminars throughout the world, and has taught other therapists these techniques off and on since 1988.  She studied medical acupuncture and dry needling for musculoskeletal pain in South Africa, and introduced and established dry needling in the 3 Carondelet Hospitals from 2009.   She began teaching the technique throughout the US states in 2013 and now teaches courses to therapists and other medical personnel throughout the US and in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.  She is a Director of Optimal Dry Needling Solutions, an international teaching company.

IAOM/ODNS would like to thank Agupunt APS and its distributor Mojility for supplying needle supplies for our courses.

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