Jacqueline Doidge


Jackie trained in Canada, Jackie has worked as a physical therapist for 46 years specializing in orthopaedics, chronic pain, manual therapies and since 2018, pelvic rehab.

She lived in South Africa from 1983 to 1993, and began studying dry needling and medical acupuncture with Claire Waumsley in 1985. Jackie spent 5 years as a lecturer with the University of Cape Town teaching manual techniques, including trigger point therapy, to physiotherapy undergraduates. She has studied superficial dry needling under Dr. Peter Baldry and IMS with Dr. Chan Gunn.

For the past 26 years, she has lived in Tucson, Arizona, and has helped to bring dry needling to a large hospital system there. She began bringing ODNS lecturers to teach dry needling courses in the US in 2013, and began teaching the ODNS courses in 2015. Since that time she has taught throughout the US, in Kenya, Oman, UAE, Romania and Bulgaria.

ODNS partners with IAOM-US to present their courses in North America; Jackie is a faculty member with IAOM-US and has taken the lead in bringing dry needling to practitioners in the US