headache relief


Stephanie M. is a high school student who was being treated at the Doctors of Physical Therapy – Schaumburg clinic for her headaches. When asked Stephanie how PT helped her, she explained that physical therapy was a life changer.

“ I owe being pain-free all to my physical therapist and physical therapy. Before I came to PT, nothing helped me get relief from pain. In a matter of just a few months I went from being in non-stop pain to being pain-free and I can’t thank my PT enough for that. “

“ Overall, I think physical therapy is super important and it is very effective.”

“Not only did my PT help me with my headaches, everyone at Doctors of Physical Therapy are always smiling and are super kind. My PT would ask me about my weekend; would always remember little things that I told her and I loved that. She was so kind and was rooting for me to get rid of my headaches since the day I started PT. I am forever grateful for my PT and everyone at Doctors of Physical Therapy for helping me! Thank you so much for everything!!!”

I followed up with Stephanie 6 months later and she continues to do well.

“I just finished my high school season of softball and I am beginning to travel. School is getting out. I maintained my usual grades with my headaches. At that time is was hard to focus and the headaches were a large inconvenience in school.

Now that I am better it is a lot easier to focus and get my work done. I have been keeping up with the PT exercises. Although while I was having headaches I continued to participate in sports and school, now that I don’t have headaches it is much easier to participate in these things. Something that I would say to someone who is having headache problems is to look into all options, especially physical therapy. I feel so much better and now am able to do the things I love without a constant headache.”

Cases like this underscore the need for physical therapy to be the first choice for patients in pain – when so many times it is the last treatment option people are referred to “when nothing else has worked”.  In most states, physical therapy is a self-referral option – meaning you don’t need a doctor’s referral to go to a physical therapist.