Clinical Exam and Interpretation
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Treatment - Hands-on Management Strategies
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Treatment Neuromotor and Sensorimotor management – SenMoCOR
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Dry Needling in Thoracic Spine
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Specific Management: Scoliosis
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Biopsychosocial aspects of patient-clinician relationship
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Final Exam
Complete Final Exam
An increase or reproduction of thoracic pain when taking a deep breath can be cause by which of the following structures?
Leg movements can produce thoracic rotation up to which of the following segments?
Among patients with upper or mid back pain, 34% to 48% are estimated to have thoracic facet joint origin pain
In the normal resting position, ribs are slanted downward allowing the sternum to situated anteriorly
Spinal arachnoid cysts are rare entities, and they are often missed on radiographic imaging up to what percentage of cases?
Zygapophyseal dysfunctions are most commonly seen in which of the following age ranges?
If the reported pain is acute and perceived in the lower thoracic region the most common structure that is acting as pain generator is...
"Capsular pattern" limitation of motion in the thoracic spine is defined by Extension being more limited & painful than flexion, symmetrical sidebending and rotation limit and pain.
A potential cause of gradual onset of pain in the thoracic spine is visceral source
Movement of the ribs could pull on the outer annulus of the thoracic disc
When treating rib hypomobilities with manual therapy it is recommended to star with which of the following joints?
It is recommended to perform thoracic axial separation mobilizations and mechanical traction on the same day as a way to increase therapeutic effects
Costotransverse joint mobilization of ribs 2-10 is performed in which of the following directions (when performed in prone position)?
Pre-activated muscles are less stiffer and react slower to unexpected joint loads
During "reactive neuromuscular facilitation" techniques, the patients are "pushed" into their dysfunction
All of the following corrective strategies for rotation control were recommended in the thoracic pain case study, EXCEPT for:
Abnormal/decreased input to the motor nerves from spinal cord leads to myofascial trigger points
Rhomboids and lower traps trigger points refer to which of the following areas?
Based on the recommendations made during the dry needling lecture, one of the priorities was to unload the disc segment by using superficial dry needling to the supraspinous ligaments.
It is recommended that after dry needling clinicians could reinforce treatment with senmocor and dynamic stability.
What is the incidence of Scoliosis?
The Risser sign is an indirect measure of skeletal maturity
"Deformity remains the same or is reduced while bending forward" describes what type of Scoliosis?
Sensorimotor control included in the treatment of scoliosis must include 3D autocorrection postural control tasks
Which of the following is included in the philosophy and attitudes of Relationship Centered approaches?
In the "internal maps of reality" the MAP is THE territory
When creating a plan of care the clinician must integrate the patient's reality into the plan
One of the main goals during the recovery phases is to ensure both patient and provider stay engaged with the treatment
"The region in which a stimulus will trigger the firing of that neuron" describes which of the following terms?
Epigenetic modifications are rigid and thus, detrimental changes may not be reversible.
Chronical abdominal wall pain accounts for how much percentage of general medical practice diagnosis?
Research over the years has gone from macroscopic, to cellular, to molecular, to epigenetics when studying the somatovisceral inputs in thoracic pain.