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Dry Needling in Knee Pain
Evidence Plus in conservative management
Biopsychosocial aspects of patient-clinician relationship
Ischemic reperfusion injury post knee surgery
Final Exam
1Complete Final Exam
All of the following are potential sources of lateral knee pain, EXCEPT for:
The tibial plateau is one of the most critical load-bearing areas in the human body
What percentage of patients with medial posterior meniscus root tear showed an associated spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee (SONK)?
Consequences of a ramp lesion are lesser anterior tibial translation and internal rotational instability in ACL deficient knees
Based on Horga LM, Hirschmann AC, Henckel J, et al, what percentage of asymptomatic knees had meniscal tears?
High-signal osteophytes detected on MRI are NOT associated with presence of pain, pain severity, or self-reported location of pain
A painful capsular pattern is indicative of which of the following conditions?
Often, an Osteochondritis Dissecans lesion lies at lateral surface of medial condyle where there is increased pressure against medial intercondylar eminence
Combination of manual therapy and extension exercises is beneficial for what percentage (approx.) of patients with osteoarthritis?
Joint Specific Mobilization for extension limitation >20deg of flexion is performed in submaximal Internal Rotation to avoid tension of the collateral ligaments
The meniscus moves at the meniscotibial and meniscofemoral interfaces
Distal stability is required for proximal function
Pre-activated muscles are stiffer and react to unexpected joint loads more quickly
Before starting with composite strategies, the patient should be able to perform which of the following strategies:
Which of the following tasks is included in the Quadruped position of the Lower Quarter Functional Examination
Which of the following fibers is targeted by dry needling approaches?
Abnormal/decreased input to the motor nerves from spinal cord leads to myofascial trigger points
Stretching, light massage, PNF or active motion should be promoted after dry needling
Referral pain patterns for the gluteus minimus will never pass lower the knee joint
Pain and loss of joint function from OA can result in muscle loss and postural instability, which subsequently increase fracture risk
Exercise significantly reduces pain and improves function, performance and QoL in people with knee and hip OA as compared with usual care at how many weeks?
People with knee arthropathy have more intermuscular fat than healthy controls (Thigh region)
In patients with knee OA, an increase in cadence of 20 steps/min from 100 to 120 steps/min would be associated with a decrease in which of the following moments?
A completed plan of care should include which of the following features:
Which of the following is NOT considered a psychosocial tool?
The social-cultural psychology studies an individual’s relationship with oneself and with others and their environments.
At how many minutes from the initial insult (ischemic) there is an invasion of lysosomes, cell degeneration, and cell death in some cells?
Reperfusion phase leads to systemic event of organ damage due to endothelial dysfunction, free radical production, nitric oxide depletion and cytokines release.
Exacerbated inflammatory response will limit fibrotic scar tissue formation after contusion injury
There is a demonstrable delay in recovery of straight leg-raising power after knee surgery performed under tourniquet control.