A Physical Therapist’s Guide to Lumbar MRIs

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.8 hour or .08 CEU

Having trouble navigating your patients MRI of their lumbar spine? Not sure how to explain what you see on the image? This course is for you! During this lecture you will be taught what to look for when reviewing a MRI of the lumbar spine as well as how to explain it to your patient so that it decreases their fear an anxiety and increases their confidence in you as a therapist. Being able to navigate these images can help you feel more confident in your diagnosis but also your treatment approach

Target group: PT, PTA, AT

Education Level: Basic

Program Agenda-Online A Physical Therapist Guide to lumbar MRIs

Objectives and Goals

  • Identify when the proper time is to refer your patient for further imaging
  • Determine which MRI type is best for assessing disc pathologies as well as bony changes
  • Orient yourself to clinically relevant anatomy in the sagittal and axial planes
  • Develop a process of viewing cervical images to ensure consistency and ease of viewing
  • Assess common cervical pathologies in the sagittal view as well as axial view
  • Guide your patient through their imaging with more confidence

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