SenMoCOR™  – Complete the Picture

These courses are designed to enable clinicians to execute a systematic, comprehensive, and evidence-based sensorimotor control program aimed at functional recovery for their patients. These courses implement state of the art sensorimotor control and learning principles to address patients’ specific control needs in a diagnosis-inclusive fashion. Relevant screening and evaluation approaches will be discussed and practiced.

Colleagues who take these courses will learn how to design, implement a progress a program that addresses locomotor and somatosensory reactivation, improvement of fundamental performance and advancement into functional recovery. Various different strategies will be discussed relevant to each patient’s clinical presentation and clinical cases will be reviewed.

Everyone who has gone to our manual therapy courses should be attending SenMoCOR™ to complete the picture and to complement and enhance how they already practice. This is the missing piece of the puzzle that many may not even realize is incomplete. But once clinicians are exposed to SenMoCOR™, it all makes sense, and they love it.

Musculoskeletal therapy is just one part of the entire picture that takes years for a clinician to master. Colleagues need to spend the same time and energy to learn sensorimotor control, or they’re missing the complete picture, and they don’t even realize it. SenMoCOR™ offers that completed picture.
Diagnosis specific management is key, as is establishing a diagnosis and treating it. Why would this not include exercise as well? You need an exercise program that’s diagnosis specific. SenMoCOR™ will give you these tools.


“I have taken both the cervical and lumbar SenMoCOR™ courses. I can honestly say, as have all the other IAOM courses, that they had an immediate impact on my patients. After having taken the courses I feel that I have been able to institute a more well-rounded program for my patients and am better in enabling them in their recovery. It gave me a deeper understanding of the incorporation of the neural system in recovery from orthopedic injuries. The beauty in the program is that it can be utilized for all patients regardless of their activity level. I have used it in everything from sedentary adults to collegiate gymnasts. I took the courses with one or two other therapists from the clinic I practice in, so incorporating the ideas with our staff was fun for all of us. It has been very interesting to hear the comments from the other clinics in our company – they want to learn more about what we are doing. Love the courses IAOM offers!!! Thanks to everything you all do to keep it going.”
Kathy Heimerdinger