Submitted by Rich Maas PT, DPT, OCS, COMT from Springfield, Missouri

The concept of frequent gentle motion promotes healing was initially described by Hippocrates over 2400 years ago, and a plethora of scientific evidence continues to strongly support this phenomena. Utilizing an inexpensive deflated beach ball to promote gentle, friendly, pain-free motion to accelerate healing in the cervical spine was first introduced to me several years ago by Doug Kelsey PT, PhD, OCS from Austin, Texas.

Ninety to 95% of my cervical patients have responded very well with this in the early stages of treatment. I have also observed a better response if the shoulders/arms are supported, for example with pillows or towel rolls, especially if it involves the cervical nerve roots or thoracic outlet syndrome.

It’s not only a take home exercise, but an inexpensive potential marketing tool with your clinic’s logo information. This 6 inch diameter beach ball can be easily attained through your promotional product vendor (cost is 1.59 each with imprint or .85 each blank ball plus shipping, with a minimum of 100 balls).


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