Clinical Exam and Interpretation
Treatment - Hands-on Management Strategies
Treatment Neuromotor and Sensorimotor management – SenMoCOR
Dry Needling in Cervical Spine
TMJ Screening and Management of Cervical Pain
Biopsychosocial aspects of patient-clinician relationship
Migraine and Headache
Final Exam
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Which of the following is most frequently related to the source of pain in the cervical spine?
Which of the following terms is defined as: peripheral neuropathy that coexists with compressive neuropathy (proximal or distal)
Thoracic syndromes can reproduce paresthesia and/or vague pain in one or both upper extremities
Most of anatomical variation in the cervical spine occurs in which of the following segments?
A functional vertebrobasilar insufficiency includes problems with swallowing
History and clinical examination are essential to rule out serious pathology/red flags
Extra tests performed in the clinical examination of the cervical spine help to
A true migraine will not decrease with medication
If active cervical flexion is the most painful test, which of the following structures could be the source of pain?
If extension with chin-tuck is the most painful test, which of the following structures could be the source of pain?
Which of the following treatments is preferred when the pain generator is the muscle?
Hypomobilities are typically accompanied by hypermobilities in adjacent segments
Which of the following movements must be corrected first during the Bateman repositioning technique?
Manual axial traction for acute discogenic pain should be first performed in which of the following cervical positions?
Traction with rotation is a safe technique to use in the clinical setting
Distal stability is required for proximal function
Pre-activated muscles ae stiffer and react to unexpected joint loads more quickly
Bag drops, and body bumps are ways to improve reflex reactivation
Before starting with composite strategies, the patient should be able to perform which of the following strategies:
Which of the following fibers is targeted by dry needling approaches?
Abnormal/decreased input to the motor nerves from spinal cord leads to myofascial trigger points
To address the double crush syndrome, the clinician should dry needling which of the nerve root's musculature?
All of the following muscles can be dry needled to address patient's suboccipital headache and jaw pain, EXCEPT:
Patients with TMD can present with alterations in the Lateral Pterygoid Muscle thickness
Common causes of muscle guarding in the TMJ include inflammation, sinusitis or dental pathology
A positive cervical flexion with rotation test is found when
A completed plan of care should include which of the following features
Which of the following is NOT considered a psychosocial tool?
The social-cultural psychology studies an individual’s relationship with oneself and with others and their environments.
Knowing your patient’s map will allow you to make the best therapeutic intervention for that person
What percentage of migraine sufferers have more than one kind of headache?
What percentage of migraine sufferers have some degree of cervicogenic component that acts as trigger or stimuli?