Understanding Opioids and Addiction

Understanding chronic pain management with opioids and its consequences. Even if you are not directly prescribing opioids, you are seeing patients or clients who use them to control their symptoms. Knowing the best prescribing practices, benefits and risks of opioids used for pain management will improve your ability to guide and heal your patients or clients. This course includes information about principles of pain and pain management, pain science, physical vs emotional pain, pain philosophies, acute vs chronic pain, opioid crisis and pain control practice,  types of opioids, their benefits and risks, addiction and how we can help our patients and clients who are being treated with opioids.   

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All about Pain
How not to solve the opioid crisis
Treating Chronic Pain
Understanding Opioids
The Nuts and Bolts of Addiction
Addiction Risk, Treatment Outcomes, and Exit Strategies
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